Corey B. King
4 min readMar 9, 2021

Meghan Markle: Hate the Skin She’s In

Meghan and Harry gave a stunning interview with Oprah Winfrey last evening. None of the allegations that they revealed about the Royal family’s racism shocked me. Royals, just like their American counterparts have been racist since 1619 and before. Royal racism is just as British as tea and crumpets and as American as Apple pie.

What was most shocking to me or the vitriol and the lack of empathy shown to Meghan Markle due to her plight. There was a point in the interview where Megan confessed that not only had she had suicidal ideations, but this she had gone to the HR of the Royal family to let them know that she needed help. Her ,version of help was either hospitalization or some type of mental assistance. Not only did they refuse to help her, but they gave her response akin to figure this out; it is not our problem, suck it up. Again, who is surprised that racist white people, regardless of their ancestry, being so callous about a Black life?

My shock and awe are aimed toward my fellow Black people, who showed their natural Black asses. What happened to Issa Rae’s, I am rooting for everybody Black from several years ago? What happened to all the pomp and circumstance from nearly three years ago, when she married Prince Harry, and it was “Yas, Black Queen” or “we finally got some kinfolk in the Royal family? From last night during the interview until much of today, what I heard was, “She lived her life as a white girl, so I don’t feel sorry for her”; “That’s what she gets for marrying that white man with the racist family! She is a Royal, so she does not experience racism or have problems like I do! And my all-time favorite, “She’s a Hollywood actress, so she has a certain amount of privilege.”

This woman, who was pregnant at the time, just told you that she did not want to live anymore. The people who were supposed to protect her, ignored her, and this is all you have got? At first, I shook my head. In the age of social media, with countless anonymous keyboard warriors and miserable people, who get personal orgasmic level satisfaction at seeing others unhappy, struggling or suffering, it is to be expected right? And then I blamed it on the pandemic, because let’s face it, a vast majority of us have been trapped in our homes for over a year, with kids we had because society told us, that was the next logical step, but we really…

Corey B. King

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