Corey B. King
2 min readOct 27, 2021

Alec Baldwin: When White Privilege Trumps Accountability

I am not here to defend Alec Baldwin; he is a rich celebrity white man living in Amerikkka; his protectors have already lined up for miles and have exhausted themselves and us, defending his honor. I am not here to blame anyone; God said in the day of Pentecost that he would do the separating.

But there is this little thing called accountability that our society has taught us that when you are the right color, socioeconomic status, and gender, you do not have to face it! In other words, if you are not white, rich, or male, you are not accountable for anything.

Alec Baldwin is responsible for Halyna Hutchin’s death. But there was a prop supervisor who was supposed to make sure the gun was in working order. When I learned to shoot guns at the age of twelve, some 33 years ago, one of the first rules that I was taught in gun safety and handling, “treat every gun like it’s loaded.” If I learned that at 12, how is Alec Baldwin less knowledgeable at 61?

The gun in question had two previous misfires! This may be true, but whose hands was it in when Halyna was shot? Alec Baldwin’s!

The director in charge had several other incidents where he was reckless on a movie set! This is true, but Alec Baldwin was not simply an actor taking orders. He was an executive producer on the set, his production company oversaw the film…

Corey B. King

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