Andrew Gillum and the Ruse of Respectability

Black folks love a hero. Since Dr. King was so brutally murdered in 1968, we’ve been looking a leader of some kind. And when we find a smart, handsome, charismatic, and articulate straight Black man, we anoint him “leader” of the race. The problem with this mentality is we as a people don’t need a leader, we are all human, and should be free of labels and responsibility to others, and we need to let folks live and walk on in their truth.

Andrew Gillum ran for governor in Florida, after a successful career as mayor of Tallahassee. Bright, charismatic, articulate, handsome, and a…



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Corey B. King

Writer, Professor. Published my second book, I Have Some Shit to Say, memoir/essay collection in 2018! You can find me on Twitter at @coreybking